You’ll be golfing in no time with Haul Away’s Golf Cart Shipping Services!

Golf carts are great for getting around the course, but transporting them can be a hassle. Haul Away offers golf cart shipping services that will take away all of the hard work and let you focus on your game. Whether you need to move your golf cart from one destination to another or you just want to get rid of an old one and buy a new one, we’ve got what it takes.

We’ll pick up your golf cart and deliver it right where you need it. Contact Haul Away today for more information about how we can help with any type of transportation job involving golf carts!

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Golf Cart Shipping Services

How does golf cart shipping works?

We will carry your golf cart in a truck. Here at Haul Away Auto Transport, we provide you with two transportation options: open or enclosed golf cart shipping.

Open Golf Cart Shipping

It means transporting your golf cart in an open trailer, akin to putting a car on a truck bed. We use a semi-truck to transport a large number of golf carts at once, in which we will securely pile them on top of each other.

It is frequently a less expensive option, but it exposes your golf cart to different elements. Your golf cart will be immediately disclosed to the weather, may receive stone damage, and is generally less safe in the event of an accident.

For short-distance moves, open golf cart transport is usually a good value. However, if you’ve just purchased a brand-new golf cart, you might want something a little more secure.

Enclosed Golf Cart Shipping

Enclosed golf cart transport is the most secure method of transporting golf carts. We will load your golf cart onto a fully covered truck in this method. We will fasten down the cart to prevent it from shifting. The walls and roof keep it safe from any accident and protect it from stone and weather damage.

It is the best option if you’re planning a long-distance move or if you’re concerned about maintaining the quality of your golf cart. However, expect to pay a premium and much higher price.

Why is Haul Away a wise choice for your Golf Cart Shipping needs?

Professionals with transport experience

When you ship with Haul Away, we’ll provide a team of professionals to give your cargo the best service possible. Our experience in transporting golf carts for over ten years has given us a considerable advantage in ensuring your shipment arrives safely and on time.

No upfront payment required

You pay nothing when you book a schedule with our golf cart shipping services. The assigned transport specialist will find an experienced carrier and will only charge you once you have agreed to the shipping terms and have dispatched the task to the carrier.

Best value

We offer high-quality golf cart shipping and strive to have it delivered to your home at the lowest possible cost. Our clever online calculator takes into account all elements to provide you with the most accurate and fair golf cart shipping cost possible.

Transparent Shipping Process

When you have your golf cart picked up and delivered right to your door, you will be able to supervise the loading and unloading process as well as inspect the vehicle right away. Our transporters will provide you with the inspection report right away, ensuring a seamless and transparent shipping process.

Golf Cart Transport Services | Haul Away Auto Transport | 401 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, United States | +1 754-201-2242
Golf Cart Shipping Services

Door-to-Door Golf Cart Shipping

Do you have a tight schedule? Don’t worry, Haul Away is the company for you. With our door-to-door golf cart shipping, we can get your vehicle delivered straight to where it needs to be without any hassle!

Our professionals will take care of every step and make sure there are no speed bumps along the road – just an easy drive right into your desired destination. You can now say goodbye to long drives as we take the worry out of your hands through this. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your car arrive.

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The last thing you want to do is get your golf cart shipped across the country and discover that it’s broken. We can avoid this with Haul Away Golf Cart Shipping Services! We work hard to ensure that every shipment arrives safely, undamaged, and on time so you can enjoy a game of golf without worrying about anything else.

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