Q: The average shipping time depends on the distance. The time frame breaks down to pick up window and delivery time.

A: The pick-up window in general is 1-5 business days from the date the vehicle is ready to be shipped (see First Available Date). Be aware that it might take longer to get a trucker assigned if the pick-up location is in a rural / remote area. The delivery time after pick up depends on the distance.

Q: What is First Available Date?

A: The date the vehicle is ready to be shipped (loaded), however this is not necessarily the exact pick up date. Depending on truck availability at that particular time we may be able to assign a truck to load your vehicle on your First Available Date, but if not within our usual pick up window of 1-5 business days starting from that date. For more details see pick up date and time.

Q: How do I know when is my pick up date and time?

A: After a truck has been assigned / dispatched we will email you a “Dispatch notification” with the estimated pick up / loading date, along with the trucker’s phone number. Regarding the time, the trucker usually calls a couple of hours ahead of time to notify you of his approximate arrival at your address. Special arrangement could be made upon request.

Q: What is the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?

A: Open is the most commonly used car shipping method. The car sits on a trailer exposed to outside elements such as rain, sun, dust etc. It is a safe and secure way of transporting your vehicle. New cars are mainly delivered to dealers by open trailer. With open car shipping you have the option to request Top load for extra protection. Enclosed is more desired collector cars transport and used for classic cars, luxury, vintage, custom and sports automobiles. The vehicle is not exposed to weather elements and flying objects (prevents from possible rock chips).