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Are you tired of the hassle of moving your boat? Haul Away’s team is here to help! We are a full-service boat transportation company that provides exceptional service at an affordable cost. With our wide variety of truck sizes and trailer configurations, we can transport any size of a boat with ease. Haul Away can also provide you with the services of our experienced loading crews to expedite the process. We have been providing dependable service for over ten years, so contact us today to get your quote!

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Boat Transport Services

Haul Away’s Boat Transport Services

Over a decade of practice in the transportation industry, our experiences taught us a lot to provide you with top-quality services no matter what type of watercraft you need help transporting. We ship a wide range of ships, boats, and other vessels, including:

  • boats for fishing
  • catamarans
  • charter ships
  • dinghies
  • houseboats
  • jet ski
  • motorboats
  • pontoon boats
  • center console
  • open fisherman
  • sportfishing vessels
  • watercraft for personal use
  • yacht

We provide a range of services tailored to meet your boat shipping needs. There’s no limit on what our team can do, from overland transportation for those large countries to inland waterways in more rural areas. Below are the specifics on some of our most popular boat transportation services:

Full-Service Moving

We transport watercraft for private owners, dealers, and corporate clients. We specialize in moving sailboats, but we can also accommodate shipping requests of any kind!

International Boat Shipping

Not only do we ship boats in the United States, but our trucks are constantly on the go. We deliver to ports and shipping places worldwide so that you can enjoy your boats right away!

Interstate Boat Shipment

We offer interstate services for those who need their items delivered across the country fast! We provide several state-to-state transportation options, including flat rack coast-to-coast shipping and long-distance hauling.

Overland Transport

We have the perfect solution for shipping your boat from inland locations to any maritime port worldwide. We are experts in handling everything from large shipments of cargo all over America and international quay-side deliveries!

Roll-On, Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping

Using the roll-on, roll-off approach, you may easily place your vessel onto one of our carriers because rather than being hauled onboard by cranes, RoRo allows your boat to roll on and off the trailer. It necessitates securing the boat to a trailer, putting it onto the transport vehicle, transporting it to its address, then wheeling off.

Shrink Wrapping

It prevents moisture from damaging your boat and keeps out salt, which can cause abrasion damage and destroy the interior of your watercraft.

How do we transport your boat?

Shipping a boat with Haul Away requires expert precision and care. We understand that your boat is a valuable piece of heavy equipment and that you want to dispatch it safely. With that in mind, it’s always been our goal to provide high-quality boat transport.

An experienced member of our logistics team will begin by gathering all of your boat’s information. We’ll find you the most affordable shipping quote based on those details, as well as the origin and destination of your boat transport. Your logistics agent will locate the best driver with boat shipping experience to transport your boat to its destination. They will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions or concerns you may have. From the first phone call to the final delivery, Haul Away stands behind to guide you.

Boat Transport | Haul Away Auto Transport | 401 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, United States | +1-844-428-5999

Boat Transport

Why should you choose us?

Our door-to-door service and nationwide coverage can quickly get the boat shipping process across the country. We’ll pick up your favorite watercraft from wherever it is – in storage or currently docked at home – then deliver them anywhere on land, including international ports!

Our over a decade of experience gives us the expertise to offer you safe, secure, and reliable boat shipment. When it comes to the safety of your boat, we go above and beyond by packing your boats with care and with materials specially designed for more protection. Our dedicated customer service team is on standby 24/7 to answer your every question about the shipping process – keeping you informed with timely updates of schedule changes or unexpected weather delays.

Get an instant quote today!

We’re committed to providing you with the best boat transportation services for your boating experiences to be hassle-free. That’s why we offer a wide variety of truck sizes and trailer configurations. If you have any questions about our service, give us a call today! Get an instant quote online or over the phone by speaking to one of our friendly representatives.


Types of Boats and Trailers Haul Away Transport

You can rely on Haul Away to transport any brand of the boat. Our drivers are seasoned boat haulers capable of safely transporting your loads aboard our trailers. Among the brands we’ve shipped are the following: