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Open Car Transport By Haul Away

Before hiring a mover to transport your vehicle, you should do research to determine who is trustworthy. We stand behind our reputation as a safe and reliable mover, and you should not settle for anything less.

Open Trailer Moves

The most common method of moving vehicles is in open car transport method. It is the most popular because it is efficient and economical, and is the best for cars that are driven for everyday use. It is a safe method that most auto manufacturers use to transport most of their cars to sales lots, and Haul Away transports hundreds of cars through open car transport every day. Sedans, Minivans, and even SUVs can be transported this way, but some larger models of truck cannot travel in open car transports.

The Most Affordable Solution

Open Car Transport is the most affordable solution for a family that is on a budget and is transporting the vehicle they drive to and from work in. Although there is a minimal danger of damage from flying road debris, it is similar to the risk of damage that you would face in everyday freeway driving. If you are looking at the option that you can get for the lowest price, then the open car transport option is the one for you. In addition to a low price and an upfront quote, additional discounts may apply.

Your Car, Safe and Sound

As you can tell from our Customer Reviews, we have a track record of safety that we are very proud of. When you Contact Us our agents are not sales people looking to make a commission, but rather transportation professionals who are there to accommodate your needs and answer your questions about the transportation process. If you are transporting a high-value vehicle or another vehicle that is not appropriate for open car transport, our agents may recommend the Enclosed Transport as a better option for your vehicle.

If you have any other questions about Haul Away Transportation’s open car shipping please refer to our FAQ section or Contact Us for a quote.