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Providing Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Although the majority of auto delivery in the U.S. is done by open transport, there are many reasons to consider an Enclosed Auto Transport option. If you have a classic car or a car of very high value, it may be preferable to do everything you can to preserve the car’s condition. Just as certain cars should always be garaged, some cars are candidates for an enclosed auto transport trailers. It provides better protection for the car both from road conditions and the elements as it makes its’ cross country journey.

Enclosed Auto Trailers

Auto transport carriers use the enclosed shipping option mainly to take greater care in transporting vehicles that are destined for special events such as car shows. When a car is meant for display there needs to be no chance that its appearance can be tarnished by an errant rock or inclement weather. This is not only a concern because it may ruin the opportunity to display the vehicle at the event, but it may have a significant impact on its value. Many classic cars, for example, are difficult or impossible to repair as a result of unavailability of replacement parts. We realize the value of these unique vehicles and provide the enclosed shipping option as the best way to protect your investment.

Types of Enclosed Auto Transport

The types of Enclosed Auto Trailers include hard sided and soft sided varieties. They are both effective in protecting the vehicle from the elements and from flying objects, but hard sided enclosures are more effective in controlling dirt and dust. If cleanliness of the vehicle is a primary concern the hard sided variety is a better choice. They both are often loaded by hydraulic lift gates that prevent scuffing damage from attempting to drive a vehicle up a steep ramp. This is the safest option for most cars, but is especially important for low riders, race cars, and other cars that have a low undercarriage. This will protect these cars best both during loading and unloading.

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