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Dufour Yachts Transport

In 1957, engineer Michel Dufour discovered the new material, polyester. His desire to build a yacht out of polyester inspired the creation of “Sylphe.” He put up much money to make the vessel, rented a hangar, and launched his newly formed company, Le Stratifié Industriel.

In 1965, this dynamic engineer filled his order book with 20 units. By 1970, the number of orders had grown to 60. The company was working out of a modern 15,000 m² factory in Périgny, near La Rochelle. His business rocketed with the launch of the new “Arpège” model, which revolutionized the liveaboard yacht and led to several new creations. In 1970, he set up a design office to develop the “Safari.”

In 1971, Michel Dufour launched his “sortilège” model, and the brand reached new heights. He expanded his sales network to include Europe and established subsidiaries in Italy and the United States. The Dufour 35, 27, 33, 34, 1300, 29, 31, 2800, and 1800 models were born during this prosperous period.

The partnership with renowned naval architect, Umberto Felci, began in the 2000s. This collaboration resulted in the 2002 launch of the Dufour Performance collection and the 2003 launch of the Dufour Grand Large collection.

In the 2020s, the Fountaine Pajot’s arrival ushers in a new era. New goals in quality and design while retaining the Chantier Dufour DNA.

Why Haul Away Auto Transport is the best way to ship your Dufour Yacht?

Haul Away is the go-to company for transporting Dufour Yachts. We pay close attention to and endeavor to meet our clients’ needs. Our shipping services are fully insured.

Our experts will recommend you the best trailer for transporting Dufour Yachts. They also apply for shipping permits for your Dufour Yachts that are too large to be shipped on public highways.

Haul Away provides low-cost power-only shipping services for those who already have their own trailers. Our drivers are professionals, and they will transport and deliver your Dufour yachts safely and on time. We also provide shipping services from door to door and port to port.

Dufour Yachts Shipping Services that are both safe and timely

We transport all Dufour Yachts models and sizes at Haul Away for reasonable shipping costs. The shipping fee covers everything, including full insurance and a dedicated agent for your Dufour Yachts shipment.

To get updates on your shipment, you can call the agent assigned to you at any time of the day. We provide affordable expedited shipping services for clients who want to transport their Dufour yachts as soon as possible. Our shipping estimates are both free and accurate.

We at Haul Away make sure that any Dufour yacht we transport arrives safely and on time. Contact us today at 844-428-5999 if you need to transport a Dufour Yacht.

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