Haul Away Provides Dependable Drayage Shipping Services


Drayage is a standard intermodal shipping service that involves transporting cargo, freight, or shipments over a short distance. It entails towing large containers via ground freight from an ocean port to a warehouse, rail ramp, and more. Do you need a company to transport your goods over a short distance? The drayage shipping services provided by Haul Away are ideal for you.

We are licensed and bonded to transport containers to and from large warehouses, harbors, ports, and even rail terminals. It makes us more convenient for you because we can pick up your cargo from anywhere within the United States and beyond its borders.

Haul Away understands that drayage is only one component of a much larger logistical process. We are adamant about making sure that nothing goes wrong. As a result, our staff will collaborate with you to ensure that your needs are met in the way you desire.

Furthermore, we are always on time. We know that delays can ruin many things, and it is something we want to avoid at all costs. It is the best way we see fit to ensure that all of your plans run smoothly and on time.

How to Select a Drayage Service

When choosing a drayage company, look for one whose drayage solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements. It is the most dependable way to ensure that your freight is handled correctly, regardless of its dimensions or other characteristics.

You should also choose a reputable hauling company with years of drayage service experience. It means they have the necessary skills, and if an unexpected snag arises, they will know what to do. Ask around, read reviews, and listen to testimonials from previous clients to boost your confidence.

You will be pleased with what you hear from Haul Away because our clients come first. Try our shipping services today and see the difference for yourself. Call us right away at 844-428-5999!