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C&C Yachts

The two of the company’s founding designers, George Cuthbertson and George Cassian, inspired C&C Yachts‘s name. C&C is a high-performing fiberglass monohull sailboat manufactured in Canada, Germany, and the United States.

They created a full line of production cruiser-racer boats and custom one-of-a-kind and short-run racing and cruising yachts.

Their boats ranged in size from 21 ft (6.4 m) to 67 ft (6.7 m) (20.4 m).
Under the Landfall brand, C&C also produced a line of bluewater cruising boats ranging from 35 ft (10.7 m) to 48 ft (14.6 m). C&C also designed sailboats for various manufacturers, including CS Yachts, Mirage Yachts, Northern Yachts, Ontario Yachts, Paceship Yachts, and Tanzer Industries.

C&C was established in 1969 as a public company in Canada due to a joint venture between several companies and design teams. At its peak market success, the company supplied 50% of the Canadian market and 20% of the US market.

Why Haul Away Auto Transport is the best way to ship your C&C Yachts?

Haul Away has been transporting C&C Yachts for more than a decade. We devote our time and energy ensuring that each client receives their yacht on time and in good condition. When shipping yachts, we fully insure them and obtain all the necessary paperwork.

We transport small C&C Yachts using our modern and well-maintained trailers. We also offer power-only shipping services when transporting large yachts in their own trailers.

Our professional drivers secure the yacht and transport it safely to the specified location.

C&C Yachts Shipping Services that are both safe and affordable

We apply for shipping permits for C&C Yachts’ oversize yachts so that we can transport them on public roads without difficulty. Haul Away ships all models and sizes of C&C Yachts yachts locally and internationally.

Our shipping services are reasonably priced and easily accessible worldwide. We transport yachts in a safe and timely manner. Also, our shipping estimates are precise and free of charge. Contact Haul Away today at 844-428-5999 if you need to transport a C&C Yachts.

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