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Carver Yacht

Carver Yachts was founded in 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Charles “Charlie” Carter and George Verhagen, who began manufacturing mahogany runabouts in a factory on South 27th Street. The widely held belief that they started building boats in their backyard garage is untrue.

They were both long-time marine industry professionals who decided to build boats rather than sell them through Carter’s two Green Bay and Fox Valley marine dealerships. Later, in 1963, the pair sold the company to business partners Walter “Wally” Markham and Glen Nordin, who had previously worked for Cruisers Yachts of Oconto, Wisconsin. Under their direction, the then-Carver Boat Corporation transitioned to fiberglass-based construction and grew from a regional boat builder to an international company with global sales.

Carver launched the Marquis Yachts line in 2004, beginning with the 59 and 65 Motor Yachts. They have built over 100 of the 65 Motor Yachts in Pulaski, Wisconsin, between 2005 and 2008. The Marquis-Larson boat group eventually purchased Carver.

Why Haul Away Auto Transport is the best way to ship your Carver Yachts?

Haul Away transports Carver yachts to a drop-off location of your choice across the country. We can also transport them internationally from port to port. One of our specialists will handle every shipment. They will fully insure all the transported Carver Yachts and ensure all the requirements. They will use the cranes to load the boats onto the trailers carefully.

After that, they will secure your yacht before being dispatched. We only employ professional drivers to make the shipment. Our power-only shipping services are available throughout the United States. Through that, they will hook up and transport large yachts that come in their own trailers to the specified location.

The assigned specialists will follow up with our clients until they receive their yacht safely. They will also apply for shipping permits for large Carver Yachts considered oversize or overweight. We transport Carver Yachts models with the utmost professionalism at Haul Away. We put much effort into each shipment that we make.

Carver Yachts Shipping Estimates that are Free and Accurate

Carver Yachts produces yachts ranging in size from 24 to 56 feet. Its models include the C34 Coupe and C36 Command Bridge.

We transport all Carver Yacht models. We complete the job regardless of the quantity or distance of the shipped Carver Yachts. We ensure that all yachts we transport will arrive safely and on time.

Our shipping services are reasonably priced. Our shipping costs are accurate, and there are no hidden fees. We provide our customers with free and precise shipping estimates. Contact us today at 844-428-5999 if you need to transport Carver Yachts models.

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