As Simple As 1-2-3: Auto Transport Services

At Haul Away Auto Transport we make auto shipping as simple as possible.

1. Make your appointment online

No sales calls, not long conversations, just a free quote and a calculator and you can make an appointment online for us to pick your car up. Our transportation specialists will take it from there and your pickup and delivery will be conveniently scheduled.


2. Your Scheduled Pick-up

Remember to remove all personal items from your vehicle before your appointment. One of our transportation experts will come to your home or other designated location to pick up your vehicle. After an initial inspection, including the exterior and the undercarriage, your transporter will load up your vehicle to be transported in accordance with the specifications of your appointment. If you want to use your vehicle’s interior space to transport additional belongings, make sure that they are packed and packaged in accordance with our guidelines.


3. Track Your Delivery

Your vehicle will be quickly and efficiently transported to the location that you designated during your appointment. You will be contacted before delivery and you will have an estimated time of arrival prior to drop-off. When the driver arrives he will inspect your vehicle again for to make certain that nothing befell your vehicle while it was in the transportation process. You should be on site for delivery, but if you cannot be there your designated representative should be authorized to sign the final Bill of Lading when they receive it on your behalf.

We Make it Easy to Ship Your Car

We know that people have to relocate for a variety of reasons, from college to work or for military service. Millions of Americans have to move every year due to situations that are beyond their control, and having their personal vehicle on hand when they arrive is essential. In addition, online car auctions and interstate car sales are making buying a vehicle from a remote location more common. In all these cases, we want to make sure that you have the most simple method available for getting your vehicle from one place to another without the hassle.

Contact us if you have more questions about how simple, convenient car relocation is well within your reach. It is really that simple. Hassle free Auto Transport services at a price you can afford. Give Haul Away Auto Transport a call today at (754) 201-2242!